Jury at work …

The drawings received this year in the competition are more than 8000!

It ‘was really very difficult to choose between so many beautiful designs the lucky 1,100 drawings which have the honor of being exposed in our exhibition. But eventually Michael P. and P. Mark did this skimming. In a future article, you can find the names of these guys whose design has been exposed.

Meanwhile, the official jury in the person of Fr. Marco Cabula (Director of the Messenger), Sister Catherine, Benedict Maffezzini (journalist and head teacher), Nicoletta Malagamba (former dean of the schools of Arenzano), Ivana Mantero (Professor at our Seminar ), Maristella Bono (restorer) and Dawid Kownaski (painter of religious subjects and dads of our seminarian), first visiting the exhibition, chose this year’s winners.

Giuria (2)

For those who want to come and visit the exhibition: [button link=”https://www.piccoliartisti.org/?page_id=116&lang=en”] Click here![/button]
Directions: [button link=”https://www.piccoliartisti.org/?page_id=124&lang=en”] Click here![/button]

If anyone would like to contact the artist Dawid Kownaski: The painter of Mercy