a) Participation is free, no registration fee.

b) The theme is “the birth of Infant Jesus”

c) A design for competitor performed without the hands of others.

d) On the back of the drawing, in legible characters:

Name, last name of the participant, class, stamp and address the school is full membership (if you participate as a school).

e) Is membership required for online also facilitate the procedures for cataloging the drawings. You can find how to do in the REGISTRATION PAGE.

f) are also accepted drawings presented by individual competitors belonging to institutes scolastici.02 Eleonora Gaimari

g) Not Allowed drawings produced jointly by two or more authors.

h) is allowed every technique, but the design must not be framed.

i) The design will not be returned

l) The max dimensions allowed the sheet are 25 x 35 cm

n) The same guy can not send two drawings

Download the announcement of the competition in 2023!