All participants will receive a diplomino in memory of participation.

A first jury will select the 1300 most popular designs that will be assigned a special certificate and will expose them on display at the Seminary of Arenzano from 25 December 2023 to 2 February in 2024.

Further qualified jury will select, among the 1300 designs selected the winners of the prizes provided as follows:

For all sections:

1. Overall Prize
2. Overall Prize
3. Overall Prize

Primary school

1. Prize
2. Prize
3. Prize

Primary School

Originality      Technical Lead           Spontaneity      Religiosity       Actuality

1. Prize                1. Prize                     1. Prize                  1. Prize           1. Prize

2. Prize               2. Prize                      2. Prize                2. Prize           2. Prize

3. Prize               3. Prize                      3. Prize                3. Prize           3. Prize


Secondary school 1st grade

Originality      Technical Lead         Message content

1. Prize                1. Prize                     1. Prize

2. Prize               2. Prize                      2. Prize

3. Prize               3. Prize                      3. Prize



From this year’s visit to the exhibition, you can give preference to the most beautiful design through a QR code for each design. The most voted on January 6, 2023 (last day to express preferences) will receive a “public” award.

There will also be a premium for the VIDEO-SELFIE considered more meaningful.

The awards consist of a personalized plaque and a lovely piece of art.

The winner will receive a medal of the competition:

Senza titolo-1

The winners will be notified by registered letter and drawings will be published in the journal of the Messenger of the Infant Jesus and on this website.


Some pictures of the Award :

02 My Tranova