The competition provides for some years two categories or sections.

  • The “classic design” of which has been discussed in the rules page and be open to all children of the world by sending to the venue of the competition a drawing made by hand according to the specified techniques. This category is open from the age group ranging from nursery school to secondary levels.

01 Giovanni Masera

2. The second category is a VIDEO-SELFIE – “Nativity with Yours!”

Some of the primary, second and third grade, and their families may attend. Participation is gratuitous.

Content: Video Selfie with Your Home Nursery! Take the video with your smartphone by showing your family, your crib and leave us a message.

Maximum duration: 30 seconds.

Shipment: The video will be shipped via whatsapp at +39 3478242731 or via dropbox or wetrasfert at

It is important to report: Name, Surname, Age, Class, School and Location

The prize winners will be notified via whatsapp message or by mail.

Deadline: January 6, 2024