We are the Discalced Carmelite Friars of the Shrine of the Infant JeARENZANO Festa di Gesù Bambino 2015_01sus of Prague in Arenzano.

Since 1889 we reside in this beautiful Ligurian town where we guard the precious statuette depicting the Infant Jesus of Prague. Since 1900, numerous pilgrims and devotees come to this shrine to worship this image. By choice of the friars and many guys who asked, our community has set up a competition of drawing open to all children of the world. Who is visiting our Sanctuary can admire its beauty. So why not seize the artistic talents of young people who want to express what is in their child?

If you come under the Christmas holidays you will be won over by the beauty of the exhibition of the drawings of the competition as well as the beautiful look of the Child Jesus.

To know the history of the Discalced Carmelite friars: http://www.carmelitaniscalzi.com/
To learn more about the Sanctuary of the Infant Jesus: http://www.gesubambino.org/

ARENZANO Festa di Gesù Bambino 2015_52